Reno Roulette

It’s June, and like 4,000,000 other confused individuals, I couldn’t fathom how this year had reached it’s half-way point (relax calendar Karen’s, I know its not technically half-way, but damn near close enough). And having been nursing a bad case of the quarantines, I decided I needed to get the heck out of dodge on my kid free weekend. So I used some hotel points, packed my bags, and headed to the desert state of all night casinos. Reno is only a three hour drive from me, and for someone that enjoys iced coffee and a good, solid car karaoke sesh’…….the drive is more or less a breeze.

Emigrant Gap, CA – Road trip pit stop

First order of business upon arrival was lunch, poolside. It was a breezy 70 degrees; not anything to boast about by California standards, but given the pool at my complex has been closed for months due to COVID, I was all in. Right away I met a couple of interesting guys from San Diego, who were there on vacation to go hiking in Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. They gave me some good insights for future visits to both Tahoe and San Diego, so I was engaged and appreciative. Muscles weren’t terrible to look at either….

Knowing I would have some free time, I had randomly and somewhat impulsively hit up a Reno “friend” of mine, a real estate agent that I had randomly met once years ago that lives in the area. We had kept in touch via social media enough to not make a spontaneous night out completely awkward (or so I thought). He said he would love to take me to dinner. There was only one catch: friends of his were hosting a surprise vow renewal in one of the Penthouses at the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort) there in Reno. He asked if we could make a brief show of face, before dinner. Of course, I told him. I mean, given I had no REAL agenda and I am literally always game to meet new people, I figured it would be fun. So I dolled myself up, summoned an Uber, and headed to the GSR.

What was meant to be a friendly pop-in, lingered on to an hours long affair. It became more and more clear to me that the dinner we had arranged, simply wasn’t going to happen. So as the night wore on and my social battery began to drain, I decided it was time to bow out as gracefully as possible. However, Mr. Reno seemed to have thought I made the trip just to see him, and didn’t take the sudden news of my departure very well. Given, he’d had a bit too much to drink which never mixes well with a fragile ego. His immature texts were yet another reminder that my gambling skills were better left at the roulette table, and not the male pool.

A night that was meant to end in a fancy dinner and drinks under the sparkling chandeliers of the GSR, became me alone in my hotel bed with Door Dashed tacos and the first chick flick I stumbled upon. But if there’s anything I have learned in life, it’s to sit with these moments of solitude. Because life is simply too short to be spent forcing things that don’t feel right. Whether that includes friendships, relationships, jobs, or those trendy high waisted jeans.

Wanting to savor the remainder of my trip, I booked an incredible morning at the the Refuge Spa, inside the hotel. There’s not much that can lift this gals spirits as well as a spa day. The plush robes, the smell of diffused oils, and the promise of soothing away the stresses of work, kids, men……suck me in every time. Eighty luxurious minutes of a hot stone massage later….I felt like a new woman. Ready to shake off Mr. Reno, take on the open road, and head back home to the lovely solo life I call mine.

Refuge Spa, Reno, NV

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