Where’s My Mr. Big??

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the fabulous four…..that is, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie. The tale of four unlikely friends in New York City, with love lives as varied as their wardrobes, cocktails always in hand, and a plethora of juicy stories to tell around the brunch table. The thought of city life always excited me, and my friends have always played an integral part in my life, especially in the past six years since the big “D”. Divorce. Second only to the F word. For fucks sake, it may even be worse.

While most of my 20’s could be summarized as “Bored in Suburbia” vs “Sex and the City”, I can say that the space in between domesticated housewife and flourishing single has been blog worthy. So here I am.

I spent countless lonely hours swiping on dating profiles, trying to make things work with exes that well, just weren’t meant to work, and convincing myself that there was a Mr. Big out there for me, to fill the heartache that divorce inevitably left behind. But the truth is, the day I really came into my singleness, my “self partnered” life, if you will, was the day I realized I didn’t need a Big. I didn’t even really want a Big. Because the things I had inside me and ahead of me were far BIGGER, then a relationship could provide.

So this blog, this is for all of the single women out there, with kids, without, divorced, committed to their work, their craft, their friends, who are defying the cultural odds, and proving that single is not only a status, it’s a thriving one.

Until next time ladies, cheers

It may not be a Manhattan, but authentic Sangria is always a go to for this single gal

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